Bitstop Computers joined the computer industry in mid 1989 as a single proprietorship. Back then, the enterprise carried a limited choice of computer supplies and accessories, sold computer systems and catered to a number of corporate clients. Students, specially, looked towards Bitstop for their encoding and machine rental requirements. Steadily, Bitstop Computers became known as a reliable and affordable computer source in the city.

Barely one year after itís opening, the devastating earthquake of 1990 struck.  The calamity destroyed most of Dagupan Cityís infrastructure but fortunately the business, educational and printing community continued to rely on Bitstop for their computer needs. This encouraged Bitstop to open in a new business address in the downtown area. After a few years, Bitstop Computers incorporated taking on the name, Bitstop, Inc.

Hardware Product Line
Bitstop proactively seeks, selects and incorporates quality computer and technology-associated solutions to its product line.  This includes basic and high-end computer clone packages, branded desktops, servers and notebooks, computer peripherals, storage and backup devices, office automation products, and point of sale equipment. To complement these products, Bitstop also carries consumables or supplies like ink cartridges, ribbons, continuous forms, and storage media.

Support for Intellectual Property Right
Known for firm principles, a strategic vision and a sense of fair play, Bitstop decided to invest in original software for its internal use and for bundling purposes.  Bitstop believes that software is valuable and therefore software developers should be accorded their due through user investments on licenses.

Despite a drop in revenues caused by Bitstop managementís refusal to hard-load software into computer units for sale, Bitstop stuck to this direction of supporting original software. This sacrifice has paid off with the passage of the Intellectual Property Rights Law. Bitstop is now recognized as a valued partner of Microsoft and Autodesk, two of the respected names and giants in the software industry and an authorized reseller of Borland, Lotus, Adobe, Network Associates, Symantec, Novell, Sophos and MYOB software.

Bitstop was recently appointed as the Philippine exclusive distributor of Keystone Learning System's line of educational training materials. Keystone is a veteran in the video/self paced training industry servicing more than 400 of the top 500 corporations in the US

Technical Expertise
Aside from selective pickings in hardware and software solution, Bitstop has continually proven its technical expertise.

Up to today, Bitstop is recognized as the first and only Microsoft Certified Partner and Cisco Premier Partner in Northern Luzon.   As partners to these two IT giants, Bitstop proves its worth by designing, implementing and optimizing networks; deploying and integrating products into client systems; and serving as industry advisers to a number of respected colleges and universities. In the Microsoft Direct Access Briefing in 1999, Bitstop received the first ever Microsoft Philippine Reference Account award. 

Again, Bitstop achieves a first by being the first and only Comptia Corporate member and A+ Authorized Service Center north of Manila.

Bitstop is proud to have on its staff several certified professionals that include: Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer + Internet, MCDBA, MCSE, MCP, Microsoft Sales Specialist, Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP), Comptia A+ Certified Engineers, CCNAs, CCDA, Cisco Sales Specialist, Cisco Wireless Specialists, Certified Ethical Hackers (CEH), Security+ Professional, MOUS specialists and a team of service engineers certified by HP, IBM and Compaq.  Continuous skills upgrade is a must for Bitstop.

Over the years, Bitstop has been a member of different respected vendors' programs, to state a few: the Genuine Intel Dealer program, Microsoft OEM System Builder program, IBM Business Partner program, HP Business Partner program, Authorized HP Service Provider program, Epson Service Provider program and IBM Authorized Service Center Program.  Bitstop also has the distinction of being given a Five-Star Data Processing Equipment Center accreditation by DTI. 

Complementary and Supporting Product and Services

Communication Product
Bitstop was instrumental in bringing to its home province the once very popular but now obsolete communication product - the pager. Late 1993 saw Bitstop inking a marketing agreement with Easycall Communications, Inc., the country's top paging company. The pager or beeper as it is commonly referred to in the Philippines was the primary means of communication and information dissemination before cellular phones overtook it. 

Internet Service
Pangasinan has been enjoying the benefits of Internet technology since December of 1995 when Bitstop formally offered Internet access through an agreement with Mosaic Communications, Inc., the first commercial ISP in the Philippines. 

Bitstop strives to maintain its reputation as the most consistently reliable, stable, and proactive Internet service provider north of Manila through:

  • 24 hour backup power via 2 UPS with extended batteries and 15KVA backup generator; 
  • Multiple E1 lines with Mozcom, Digitelone, Igate and ETPI; 
  • Peering links with respected organizations like Preginet, Comclark, MIX and PHIX;
  • Full BGP routing with our Upstream partners with APNIC assigned AS and IP addresses;
  • Support for Microsoft and open source platforms and applications;
  • Constant skills training & upgrading of its system administrators and support staff; 
  • Regular upgrading and maintenance of computer equipment and software

From a mere access provider, Bitstop has improved its Internet product and value added service offerings.


Internet Value Added Services
We provide a multitude of hosting services that encompass both open source and the Microsoft Platform.  In fact, Bitstop is accredited as a registered Web Presence Provider for Microsoft FrontPage 2000.  With the aim of giving our clients the flexibility and convenience in licensing their hosted application, Bitstop has applied and been authorized by Microsoft to license Microsoft products on a monthly basis to provide services and hosted applications to our end customers.


The latest product offerings of Bitstop, Inc. are in the areas of audio and video streaming over the Internet, otherwise known as webcasting.  In fact, Bitstop is the only Windows Media Service Provider in the Philippines and acknowledged as the pioneer in this field


Fastest  Web Hosting Service

Leveraging on our ISP network strength, coupled with our extensive network of contacts in the industry, Bitstop sought to be one of the most affordable but effective web hosting service in the country. Our websites are typically within 1 to 2 AS hops from any Internet access point in the country.


For international access, Bitstop partnered with 22 international Data Centers to provide for an advanced Content Distribution system that would effectively route incoming web request to the nearest IDC server available. Bitstop can boast of being the fastest web service in the country because of this.


Security Initiative

As more information systems connect to the Internet, Bitstop sees an increase in the number of attacks and compromises to system security. In preparation for increased need for security to our clients, Bitstop has done the following:

         Introduced the highly successfully Certified Ethical Hacking Courseware that is now being taught in respected institutions like the Ateneo and Informatics.

         Trained and had our staff certified in Ethical Hacking, Security+ and various black hat conferences

         Provided penetration testing and network and systems hardening service to our clients.

         Partnered with Anti-Virus and Anti-spam companies known for their expertise like Sophos and Panda.

         Established linkages with APNIC-APRICOT Conferences, PH-CERT, ISSSP and law enforcement units like the NBI and the Transnational-Crime Division of the CIDG.

         Adopted a proactive network monitoring system that alerts administrators not only on outages but also on likely trouble spots.  This allows us to do preventive maintenance to eliminate costly down times.


Spin Off Corporation
Late 2001, Bitstop, Inc. decided to form a new corporation to handle the Internet services and Keystone distribution. This newly formed corporation is Bitstop Network Services, Inc. 


Present and Future
Today, BITSTOP INC. services not only Dagupan City but also reaches out to neighboring towns and cities. Bitstop looks after clients as far north as Baguio, La Union, Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte; to the west to as far as Zambales; to the east and northeast up to Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija, Nueva Vizcaya and Cagayan; and to the south towards Manila, to Tarlac and Angeles. A Naga City and Legaspi branches are also operating in the beautiful province of Camarines Sur, Bicol Region. Recently, a Manila point of presence is operating through I. Mind, an Internet cafť under Bitstop Network Services.  With the power of the Internet, Bitstop aspires to be globally competitive with new products and service offerings that will be supported with the unique and high quality Bitstop expertise, commitment, and dedication.



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